X-Bionic Lady Apani Merino Pants Long


Apani Merino Pants Medium men, APANI - The natural enemy of stupid wool. Simple wool alone only keeps you warm. It scratches and you sweat in it. For the sheep it is perhaps the perfect protection - not for us humans. Different APANI! The new functional clothing made of pure saxon-merino-wool combined with patented technologies, such as the 3D-BionicSphere System. Pure wool can do a lot: store moisture and still keep warm, neutralize odours, repel dirt, do not wrinkle... It could be the perfect natural fibre for sports underwear - if only it were intelligent. Because: Wool alone is not smart. Why is that? People sweat during sports. Wool stores moisture, but it cannot release it specifically for cooling and maintaining the optimal body temperature of 37 °C as required by the body. The result: in cold weather the damp wool freezes. How good that sheep do not sweat.

Material: 75% wool, 20% polypropylene, 5% elastane

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X-Bionic Lady Apani Merino Pants Long
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