X-Bionic Lady Energy Accumulator UW Pants


X-BIONIC ENERGY ACCUMULATOR PANTS MEDIUM: Unique functional underwear with an interesting way of thinking: The body optimises itself during sport. You just have to let it! The human body adjusts quickly and effectively to sporting activity. The pulse rate rises in order to transport more oxygen to the blood vessels. To keep the body core temperature constant at 37° degrees, more blood reaches the small blood vessels directly under the skin, where it is cooled by evaporation of sweat. Classic functional clothing, however, only transports sweat away from the body, the cooling effect is absent and the body wastes energy and valuable minerals with the sweat. We literally no longer feel comfortable in our skin! Exactly this problem is effectively prevented by the X-BIONIC Decision Layer. In contrast to conventional functional underwear, the structures of chambers and channels offer a significant advantage: direct cooling on the skin. Channels on the inside create hollow spaces and the moisture can evaporate directly on the skin and generate evaporative cooling! The body can cool down optimally without the impression of cold spreading! If sweat is not produced during the resting phase, the air heated by the body is used in a unique way to insulate the body from the cold. Thus the X-BIONIC Decision Layer cools, warms and dries where it should and not only where it can! Our body can convert this directly into performance and the well-being is increased! Due to the compression effect, the Decision Layer fits tightly and reduces muscle vibrations and thus the risk of injuries. It keeps the heart rate lower, helps to stabilize blood pressure and nutrient supply by accelerating the return of venous blood to the heart. The use of polyamide, the queen of synthetic fibres, makes it perfectly comfortable to wear, while silver ions trapped in the material reduce bacterial growth and perspiration odour. The X-BIONIC advantage: conventional functional yarns coated with silver ions lose their effectiveness after repeated washing. With the X-BIONIC Skin NODOR nanotechnology, the silver ions are incorporated into the material. Thus the effect is not lost and allergic reactions are avoided! The perfect underwear for skiing, snowboarding, all kinds of winter sports and even when walking through the Christmas market the perfect weapon against cold. 2 years product guarantee! Technologies: - 3D-BionicSphere System - warms when you freeze and cools when you sweat - ISO-Pad - Isolation pads - AirConditioning Channel - Ventilation channels - ElbowPad/ ExpansionKnee - Isolation pads according to the accordion principle (no cold bridges even with bent joints!) - SkinNodor - Bacteriostatic and odour inhibiting yarn - Partial Compression - Reduction of muscle vibrations, improved oxygen and nutrient supply to the muscles, faster regeneration + cooling!

Material: 84% polyamide, 12% polypropylene, 4% elastane

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X-Bionic Lady Energy Accumulator UW Pants
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