X-Bionic Lady Energy Accumulator UW


COOLS WHEN THEY SWEAT. WARMS WHEN THEY FREEZE. Only through your sweating is the cooling effect of the X-BIONIC Functional Underwear activated. A sophisticated regulation system with the most reliable starter: your sweat! Unique, effective and always ready on time for cooling. Controlled climate control developed by scientists, confirmed by competitive athletes. You know the unpleasant feeling of sweating just a moment ago and then the goose bumps shortly afterwards. The body sounds the alarm: Caution, risk of cooling down! X-BIONIC Functional Underwear prevents this cold shiver. If there is no sweat, air heated by the body serves as insulation in a unique way.

Material: 84% polyamide, 12% polypropylene, 4% elastane

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X-Bionic Lady Energy Accumulator UW
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