X-Socks Ski Lady Metal


Warmest ski sock due to xitanit / metallic yarn and 26% merino wool. Created for the foot of the woman, as well as the demands of the winners. Just touch the skin and the X-SOCKS Ski Metal warms up in a revolutionary way thanks to a unique principle: as soon as heat hits the xitanit, it is reflected. It is reflected back to the heat source, back to the feet. The flutter-thin metal foils, which protect against cooling in the event of an accident, also function according to the same principle. However, the xitanit workmanship embeds very fine merino wool which excellently retains the heat. However, it does not accumulate this heat and thus prevents the danger of heating and overheating in the ski boot. Finely knitted, the X-SOCKS Ski Metal guarantees optimum power transmission to the ski. Nevertheless, the high-tech sock provides optimum warmth and protection. An ingenious system of protectors such as the shin protector absorbs shocks, reduces painful pressure points and the risk of skin abrasions. The calf protector cushions and relieves the muscles without constricting. Toes, heel, Achilles tendon, ankle and shin are also specifically protected against pressure points. The Air-Conditioning Channel made of fine knitted mesh is an air duct system that continuously ventilates and airconditions the foot and leg. It leads out of the anatomically shaped footbed on the inside of the foot and thus ensures that moist and overheated air is pumped out of a tightly fitting shoe with every movement of the foot. Size arrangement normal.

Material: 23 % Polyester 23 % Xitanit(TM) 26 % Merino wool 24 % Xitaloft(TM) 7 % Polypropylene 20 % Merino wool 17 % Nylon 16 % Nylon 2 % Elastane 1 % Robur(TM) 25 % Acrylic 2 % Elastane 13 % DuraWool(TM) 1 % Microfibre

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X-Socks Ski Lady Metal
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